Marketing Manager
Core Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $119,492 68.2%
Bonuses $9,556 5.4%
Value of Benefits
Social Security $9,872 5.6%
401K/403B $4,646 2.6%
Disability $1,161 0.7%
Healthcare $6,592 3.8%
Pension $8,130 4.6%
Time Off $15,883 9.1%
Total Compensation $175,331 100%
Core Compensation is based on averages for this job and does not reflect personal factors used to determine your projected salary range.
Value of Benefits indicates the employer's expected contribution and paid time off.
Use the Benefits Calculator to compare your benefits with the industry average.
Database Marketing Manager
Manages a staff of analysts responsible for the maintenance of the organization's marketing database. Develops strategy for targeted marketing campaigns and may be responsible for data extraction, list or lead generation, or... view job details
Alternate job titles: Direct Marketing - Manager , Manager of Marketing Data Analysis -Lead Generation
Digital Marketing Manager
Manages and implements the digital marketing strategy and leads tactical operations to increase product demand, enhance sales, identify additional sales channels, attract traffic to the company website, and promote an online... view job details
Alternate job titles: Digital Customer Acquisition Manager , Digital Metrics/Analytics Marketing Manager , Internet Marketing Manager
E-commerce Marketing Manager
Manages the implementation and development of marketing plans to fulfill the e-commerce vision and strategy for achieving corporate sales and conversion goals. Coordinates digital marketing efforts geared to grow business, increase... view job details
Alternate job titles: Digital and e-commerce Marketing Manager , Digital/e-commerce Marketing Strategy Manager
Inbound Digital Marketing Manager
Develops digital marketing campaigns and promotions designed to attract customers to the business and answer questions to facilitate transactions. Manages content to retain customers, build trust, and establish long-term... view job details
Alternate job titles: Inbound Digital Marketing Manager
Managed Care Marketing Manager
Develops and implements marketing plans for a managed care organization. Promotes the organization's services to potential members and business partners. Identifies and targets new opportunities and sources of additional... view job details
Alternate job titles: Healthcare Plan/Network Product Marketing Manager
Product/Brand Marketing Manager
Manages, develops, and implements marketing activities to maximize sales of an assigned brand. Analyzes brand performance, brand competitiveness, and product trends in the marketplace and develops marketing strategies for a... view job details
Alternate job titles: Brand and Content Marketing Senior Manager , Brand Marketing Strategy Senior Manager , Product/Brand Marketing - Senior Manager , Product/Brand Senior Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager
Manages a sales and marketing team. Establishes sales territories and quotas, manages budgets, and evaluates sales performance. Develops sales and marketing objectives. Manages and leads the development of marketing programs and... view job details
Alternate job titles: Sales and Marketing Manager
Slot Marketing Manager
Develops and implements a strategic slot marketing plan for a casino. Stays abreast of changes in the marketing and casino environment to best serve the objectives of the organization and adjusts plans accordingly. Researches... view job details
Alternate job titles: Slot Marketing Programs Manager
Healthcare Sales/Marketing Manager
Directs sales and marketing activities a healthcare organization. Develops marketing strategies and implements marketing campaigns that enhance the organization's brand and increase community awareness. Maintains relations with... view job details
Alternate job titles: Healthcare Sales/Marketing Manager
Secondary Market Manager
Helps develop, manage, and improve a company's secondary mortgage market operations. Leads a team of analysts to ensure timely and accurate work and provides research and solutions to complex questions or tasks. Oversees the... view job details
Alternate job titles: Mortgage Secondary Market Business Development Manager , Mortgage
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