National Averages
Highway Patrol
Core Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $49,303 69.4%
Bonuses $0 0.0%
Value of Benefits
Social Security $3,772 5.3%
401K/403B $1,775 2.5%
Disability $444 0.6%
Healthcare $6,592 9.3%
Pension $3,106 4.4%
Time Off $6,068 8.5%
Total Compensation $71,060 100%
Core Compensation is based on averages for this job and does not reflect personal factors used to determine your projected salary range.
Value of Benefits indicates the employer's expected contribution and paid time off.
$ Use the Benefits Calculator to compare your benefits with the industry average.
Police Patrol Officer
Responsible for patrolling an assigned area to prevent and discover crime and to enforce regulations. Responsible for responding to calls, taking necessary action at the scene of crime or disturbance, conducting investigations,... view job details
Alternate job titles: Cop , Police Officer
Campus Police Lieutenant
Manages the day to day operations of the police department for a college or university. Oversees patrol officers and agents, ensuring the preservation of the chain of command within the department and the discipline of the... view job details
Alternate job titles: College , University
Campus Security Director
Oversees the campus security force. Handles traffic and parking situations throughout the campus. Conducts training sessions for patrol officers as needed. Requires a bachelor's degree and at least 5 years of related... view job details
Alternate job titles: Campus Police Director , College Campus Police Director , College Police Director , Director of Campus Police , Director of Campus Security , College , University Campus Police Director , University Police Director , University
Police Sergeant
Responsible for supervising patrol officers and agents as assigned and maintaining the chain of command within the operations of the department. Responsible for developing training programs for department personnel, directing... view job details
Alternate job titles: Police/Detective Supervisor , Sergeant