Report Purchasing Options
  • I want to buy a Personal Salary Report.

    How much are you worth? That's the million dollar question at the heart of every job interview and raise request. With's Personal Salary Report, you fill in your personal information, and we give you a customized pay picture including base, bonus, merit increases and benefits data.

  • Open Position Report

    I want to price an open position.

    Establish the market range for a position you plan to hire. This web-based, printable report helps you determine appropriate salary and total compensation ranges you will need to consider offering for a specific job to compete with other businesses your size, in your industry, and metropolitan area.

  • Employee Report

    I want to price a specific employee.

    Establish a specific market range for an individual. This web-based, printable report takes into account your industry conditions as well as the person's job description, experience, education, performance, etc. to guide you in making documented compensation decisions.

  • Salary Wizard Professional

    I want salary data for my organization.

    Access benchmarked salary data for every job in your organization. Use this to improve workforce planning, ease recruiting burden, and help assess and motivate key talent. SWP is comprised of data from hundreds of commercially available, top-tier surveys as well as local, industry, and association surveys.