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Receptionist Compare
Alternate job titles: Reception Clerk
Greets visitors and maintains visitor logs. Answers and correctly routes calls. Responds to internal and external inquiries and distributes accurate information. May perform some administrative activities such as booking meeting... view job details
Clinic Receptionist Compare
Alternate job titles: Clinic Receptionist
Responsible for greeting and registering patients as they enter the admitting ward of a hospital or clinic. Provides phone, clerical, and data entry support including insurance verification. Directs patients, visitors, and callers... view job details
Medical Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Director
Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's medical policies, standards, and programs. Responsible for strategic clinical relationships with physicians and interns. Ensures all clinical programs are in compliance with all... view job details
Medical Assistant Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Assistant
Assists in examination and treatment of patients under the direction of a physician. Interviews patients, measures vital signs (i.e., pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, and height), and records or inputs... view job details
Medical Interpreter Compare
Alternate job titles: Hospital Interpreter
Conducts medical and general interpreting for staff, patients, and their families. Assesses and monitors patients' understanding of information conveyed. Advises medical personnel about any cultural issues that might impact... view job details
Medical Staff Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Staff Coordinator
Coordinates processing of applications, appointments, and administrative support services for medical staff and health professionals. Supervises the billing, collection, and deposit of medical staff dues. Oversees orientation of... view job details
Regional Medical Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Regional Medical Director
Establishes and implements health care policies and standards, evaluates new treatments, and conducts medical research to ensure the quality of the medical care provided to patients for a specified region. Writes research... view job details
Associate Medical Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Associate Medical Director
Supports the implementation of medical policies for the entire organization. Ensures the delivery of quality patient care. Researches and evaluates new treatments and medical innovations. Works collaboratively throughout the... view job details
Medical Policy Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Policy Manager
Manages and implements corporate policy and process for medical provider and other reimbursements. Ensures that all claims are reviewed, settled, and processed in compliance with and according to contract provisions and regulatory... view job details
Medical Policy Specialist Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Policy Specialist
Researches and designs criteria to determine policy guidelines used in review of patient cases to ensure only medically appropriate services are reimbursed. Recommends a policy and process that ensure alignment with company... view job details
Professor - Medical Ethics Compare
Alternate job titles: Professor - Medical Ethics
Teaches courses in the discipline area of medical ethics. Develops and designs curriculum plans to foster student learning, stimulate class discussions, and ensures student engagement. Provides tutoring and academic counseling to... view job details
Physician Assistant - Medical Compare
Alternate job titles: Physician Assistant - Medical
Assesses, plans, and provides patient care under the supervision of a physician. Examines patient, performs comprehensive physical examinations, and compiles patient medical data, including health history and results of physical... view job details
Medical Technologist (ASCP) Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Technologist (ASCP)
Performs diagnostic testing on patient samples to aid physicians in the diagnosis and/or monitoring of various disease states. Follows standardized procedures and helps prepare samples for testing. Analyzes test results for... view job details
Medical Librarian (MLS) Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Librarian (MLS)
Provides support and assistance to users researching medical information using database searches, inter-library loans, and other resources. Ensures the cataloging and circulation of materials are performed efficiently and correctly... view job details
Medical Technologist - Microbiology Compare
Alternate job titles: Medical Technologist - Microbiology
Performs a variety of virological, mycological, bacteriological, and parasitological tests to provide data on cause and progress of disease. Identifies, isolates, and cultivates microorganisms present in body fluids, skin scrapings,... view job details