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Network Operations Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Network Operation Manager
Responsible for the daily performance and availability of the organization's network. Analyzes network and recommends upgrades/changes; assesses organization's current and future network needs. Oversees the daily operations of... view job details
Customer Information Center Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Customer Information Center Manager
Responsible for managing the customer information center staff, activity, and goals. Ensures that staff has all necessary information needed to provide technical support to end-users of the organization's products. May interact... view job details
Operating Systems Programming Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Operating System Programming Manager
Oversees a staff responsible for the development, installation, and modification of computer operating systems. Develops policies and procedures related to the deployment and maintenance of the organization's operating systems.... view job details
Systems Consultant/Engineering Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Technical Sales Support Manager
Manages the daily activities of the department responsible for supporting the sales representatives by providing technical knowledge to clients and potential clients. Provides technical support; assigns and supervises project staff... view job details
Business Intelligence Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Manager of Business Intelligence | Business Intelligence and Analytics Management Man
Manages a team of analysts or developers who facilitate business intelligence processes and procedures development and implementation. Responsible for leading the strategic design and maintenance of business intelligence... view job details
Information Security Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: IS Security Manager | Systems/Applications Security Manager | Manager Security (Systems/Applications/Information
Responsible for developing and managing Information Systems cyber security, including disaster recovery, database protection and software development. Manages IS security analysts to ensure that all applications are functional and... view job details
CRM Targeted Marketing Campaign Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: CRM Targeted Marketing Campaign Manager
Determines the most effective points of interaction (POI) for marketing campaigns by using reports from the customer information center system. Applies customer and sales information from the Customer Relationship Management... view job details
ERP Business Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: ERP Manager | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Analys
Oversees a particular ERP system or area. Uses the required ERP configuration and analyzed business requirements to drive the design and implementation of new business processes. Develops business strategies and supervises... view job details
Underwriting Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Underwriting Manager
Manages daily operations of the underwriting process. Provides credit decisions and recommendations for complex cases. Reviews plans and procedures regarding risk management, application and renewal, and acceptance and rejection.... view job details
Purchasing Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Purchasing Manager
Manages all purchasing activities and establishes strategic purchasing processes and procedures. Maintains relationship with vendors or suppliers and negotiates contracts for major purchases. Evaluates and analyzes purchasing trend... view job details
Warehouse Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Warehouse Manager
Manages all warehouse activities. Oversees all receiving and distribution operations. Plans and monitors optimal space utilization and efficient inventory flow. Typically requires a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. Typically reports... view job details
Logistics Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Manager of Logistics
Manages and plans for logistics policies, objectives, and initiatives. Creates procedures for logistics management to optimize product workflow and minimize cost. Has responsibilities for vendor selection and negotiation, distribution,... view job details
Security Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Security Manger
Manages a group of security guards who ensure the protection of an organization's facilities. Develops and enforces security procedures and regulations. Acts as a liaison to all departments on security measures, procedures, and... view job details
eCommerce Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: E-Commerce Manager II | Electronic Commerce Manager II
Manages the development, release, and maintenance of Web applications, systems, and services that support company's E-commerce business strategy. Reviews emerging technologies for impact to current operations and recommends... view job details
SAP Project Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: SAP Project Manager
Manages all activities related to SAP implementation projects. Ensures that all SAP project goals are accomplished according to specifications and business objectives. Requires a bachelor's degree in area of specialty. Typically... view job details