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Finance Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Director of Finance
Directs an organization's financial policies. Oversees all financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury. Typically represents the 2nd most senior finance executive. Typically requires an... view job details
Finance & Insurance Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: F&I Manager
Offers finance or insurance options to clients through established relationships with lenders/providers. Explains offerings and recommends products to meet the needs of the client. Negotiates contract terms and rates to meet... view job details
Finance Supervisor Compare
Alternate job titles: Finance Supervisor
Responsible for the supervision of finance professionals. Oversees the collection and analysis of financial information for an organization. Monitors the creation of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and ensures financial... view job details
Managed Care Finance Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Director of Managed Care Finance
Directs and oversees all policies and procedures for finance and accounting functions for managed care contracts. Responsible for implementing all accounting principals and ensuring that proper financial systems are in place.... view job details
IS Security Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Systems/Applications Security Manager | Manager Security (Systems/Applications/Information
Responsible for developing and managing Information Systems security, including disaster recovery, database protection and software development. Manages IT security analysts to ensure that all applications are functional and... view job details
Plant Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Plant Manager
Manages and oversees overall plant operations which may include finance, manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, materials, quality assurance/control, human resources and information systems. Makes recommendations to improve... view job details
Payroll Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Payroll Manager
Responsible for all payroll functions. May require accountability to both finance and human resource departments. Requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and at least 7 years of experience in the field. Relies on... view job details
Network Operations Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Network Operation Manager
Responsible for the daily performance and availability of the organization's network. Analyzes network and recommends upgrades/changes; assesses organization's current and future network needs. Oversees the daily operations of... view job details
Customer Information Center Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Customer Information Center Manager
Responsible for managing the customer information center staff, activity, and goals. Ensures that staff has all necessary information needed to provide technical support to end-users of the organization's products. May interact... view job details
Systems Consultant/Engineering Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Technical Sales Support Manager
Manages the daily activities of the department responsible for supporting the sales representatives by providing technical knowledge to clients and potential clients. Provides technical support; assigns and supervises project staff... view job details
Operating Systems Programming Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Operating System Programming Manager
Oversees a staff responsible for the development, installation, and modification of computer operating systems. Develops policies and procedures related to the deployment and maintenance of the organization's operating systems.... view job details
Retail Store Manager, Sr. Compare
Alternate job titles: Senior Retail Store Manager | Area Store Manager
Manages the daily operations of a large or high-volume retail store. Develops strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, and increase profitability. Also oversees a group of stores within a specified geographic... view job details
Business Development Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Business Development Manager
Identifies and helps to develop strategic relationships with partners or potential customers. Manages the marketing, sales and product development teams to implement business development initiatives. Requires a bachelor's degree... view job details
Plant Operations Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Plant Operations Manager
Under the direction of a Plant Manager, oversees the daily production operations of the plant. Monitors operations for efficiency and safety, ensuring that all applicable regulatory requirements are met/followed. Develops... view job details
Plant General Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: General Manager
Provides general management over finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, materials, quality assurance/control, human resources, and information systems for a plant or other production facility. Makes decisions... view job details
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