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Chemical Dependency Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Substance Abuse Counselor
Runs individual, family, and group counseling for patients in chemical dependency programs. Acts as mediator between patients, relatives, medical staff, and outside agencies if needed. Tracks patient progress and dispensation of... view job details
Genetics Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Genetics Counselor
Provides genetic counseling to individuals and families at risk for hereditary disorders. Assesses recurrence risks and recommends medical or genetic testing based on analysis of the risk, benefit, and cost. Reviews implications with... view job details
EAP Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Employee Assistance Program Counselor
Counsels and assists employees with issues affecting job-related performance and personal well-being. Evaluates and recommends outside treatment and counseling if necessary. Requires a bachelor's/master's degree and 2-4 years... view job details
Loan Officer/Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Loan Officer/Counselor
Identifies and assists prospective clients in the loan application process. Verifies applications and approves loans. May require a bachelor's degree or its equivalent with at 2 years of experience in the field. Familiar with... view job details
Family Support Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Licensed Professional Counselor
Interviews families in crisis and coordinates and plans support programs and activities to meet their financial, educational, social and emotional needs. Assesses eligibility for appropriate assistance and guides families on... view job details
Counselor - Higher Ed. Compare
Alternate job titles: College Counselor | University Counselor
Offers professional counseling to students on a variety of matters. Other responsibilities include developing and evaluating programs, coordinating outreach activities, and vocational testing and assessment. May counsel... view job details
Financial Counselor - Healthcare Compare
Alternate job titles: Financial Coordinator - Healthcare
Works with health insurance providers to determine coverage and benefit limits. Advises patients of procedure costs and alternative sources of funding. May arrange for referrals or second opinions. Requires a high school diploma... view job details
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Counselor - Vocational Rehab | Counselor - Vocational Rehabilitation | Vocational Rehab Counselor
Provides vocational rehabilitation services to disabled individuals in order to facilitate their employment and/or reemployment. Evaluates patients' interests, qualifications, and limitations to develop appropriate employment... view job details
Career Counselor - Higher Ed. Compare
Alternate job titles: College Student Career Counselor | University Student Career Counselor
Responsible for assisting students' employment endeavors following graduation. Invites employers to campus to participate in job fairs, interviews, and general recruiting. Helps students prepare for employer contact through... view job details
Financial Aid Counselor - Higher Ed. Compare
Alternate job titles: Financial Aid Counselor -Higher Ed. | Financial Aid Advisor | College Financial Aid Counselor | University Financial Aid Counselor
Participates in the various aspects of the financial aid program. Helps students and parents with the application process. Has discretionary role in awarding scholarships, grants, and other monetary rewards. Audits financial aid... view job details
Travel Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Travel Counselor
Responsible for coordinating the company's travel needs. Schedules hotel and flight accommodations and procures necessary documentation such as passports, visas, or other clearances. Ensures that travel needs are met within the... view job details
Residential Living Assistant, Sr. Compare
Alternate job titles: Residential Counselor, Sr.
Provides individualized care to the patients of a group home or residential living facility. Assists the patients on daily basis with personal care and hygiene. Transports patients within the facility or on supervised outings. May... view job details
Residential Living Supervisor Compare
Alternate job titles: Residential Counselor Supervisor
Supervises the work of a residential living staff. Provides training to resident assistants on proper care giving techniques. May administer medications under the supervision of a nurse or physician. May require an associate's... view job details
Bereavement Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Bereavement Counselor | Bereavement Specialist
Provides bereavement counseling to survivors. Matches families with bereavement volunteers and organizes grief support group sessions. Relies on social workers to provide assessments on bereavement. May require a bachelor's... view job details
Academic Advisor Compare
Alternate job titles: College Academic Counselor | College Academic Advisor | Academic Counselor | University Academic Counselor | University Academic Advisor
Advises university/college students in course selection, requirements for selected area of concentration, and post-college plans. May work with individual students or groups. Requires a bachelor's degree in counseling or related... view job details
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