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Counseling Psychologist - Higher Ed. Compare
Alternate job titles: Psychologist Counselor - Higher Ed. | College Counseling Psychologist | University Counseling Psychologist
Offers counseling and/or psychological services to students, faculty, and other university/college staff. May treat individuals or groups through direct or indirect methods. Requires at least a master's degree in clinical/counseling... view job details
Chemical Dependency Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Director of Chemical Dependency | Substance Abuse Counseling Director
Directs the staff and programs of the chemical dependency department. Develops and introduces approved standards and guidelines for chemical dependency services and programs. Ensures quality care to patients. Requires a... view job details
Counselor - Higher Ed. Compare
Alternate job titles: College Counselor | University Counselor
Offers professional counseling to students on a variety of matters. Other responsibilities include developing and evaluating programs, coordinating outreach activities, and vocational testing and assessment. May counsel... view job details
EAP Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Employee Assistance Program Manager | Manager of Employee Assistance Program
Manages, designs, and implements policies and procedures relating to a company's Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Ensures that inpatient and outpatient counseling and care facilities meet company standards. Provides training... view job details
Genetics Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Genetics Counselor
Provides genetic counseling to individuals and families at risk for hereditary disorders. Assesses recurrence risks and recommends medical or genetic testing based on analysis of the risk, benefit, and cost. Reviews implications with... view job details
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Compare
Alternate job titles: LCSW
Interviews clients and their families and coordinates and plans programs and activities to meet their social and emotional needs. Provides psychotherapy or counseling to individuals, groups, couples, or families. Requires a master's... view job details
Family Support Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Licensed Professional Counselor
Interviews families in crisis and coordinates and plans support programs and activities to meet their financial, educational, social and emotional needs. Assesses eligibility for appropriate assistance and guides families on... view job details
Psychiatric Technician Compare
Alternate job titles: Psychiatric Technician
Provides care to patients with psychiatric problems. Assists and teaches patients basic living and working skills. May conduct group counseling sessions. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with 0-2 years of experience in... view job details
Chemical Dependency Counselor Compare
Alternate job titles: Substance Abuse Counselor
Runs individual, family, and group counseling for patients in chemical dependency programs. Acts as mediator between patients, relatives, medical staff, and outside agencies if needed. Tracks patient progress and dispensation of... view job details
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