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Advertising Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Advertising Coordinator
Responsible for the creation and delivery of advertising of company products through various sources of media (internet, print, broadcast). Analyzes customer requirements, develops messaging architecture and competitive... view job details
Marketing Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Coordinator of Marketing
Coordinates and implements marketing communication projects. Organizes public image campaigns and special events. Participates in creating brand awareness through advertising and social media. Arranges proposals and presentations... view job details
Environmental Services Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Environmental Coordinator
Coordinates and maintains company policies adhering to local, state and federal environmental, health and safety regulations. Inspects the work areas and work procedures and makes environmental, health and safety... view job details
Print Production Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Print Production Coordinator
Initiates requests for competitive bids and negotiates with vendors and suppliers to perform print jobs for direct mail, seasonal promotions, sales collateral, and other printed media. Prepares estimates and cost analysis reports... view job details
IT Project Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Information Technology Project Coordinator
Coordinates all IT projects and ensures company resources are utilized appropriately. Compiles project status reports, coordinates project schedules, manages project meetings, and identifies and resolves technical problems.... view job details
IS Operations Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: IT Operations Coordinator | IS Operations Scheduler | IT Operations Scheduler
Schedules information systems equipment usage in order to fulfill company needs. Recommends appropriate maintenance strategies to ensure uninterrupted systems usage. May run diagnostic tests to ensure systems are operating... view job details
Fundraising Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Coordinator of Fundraising
Coordinates fundraising strategies and is responsible for supporting major fundraising programs. Assists in the development of fundraising goals and soliciting funds. Helps to identify new potential donors and organizes initiatives... view job details
Development Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Development Coordinator
Supports a non-profit organization's fundraising or membership programs. Solicits and acknowledges donations and maintains donor records. May arrange and attend meetings with donors and prospective donors. Typically requires a... view job details
Media Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Media Coordinator
Responsible for placing, confirming and monitoring media orders. May assist in research for the development of the media plan. This is primarily an administrative role. May require a bachelor's/associate's degree in area of specialty... view job details
Compliance Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Compliance Coordinator
Coordinates the preparation and completion of regulatory and compliance documents. Ensures compliance documents satisfy federal, state, and local government requirements. May assist in the implementation and monitoring of... view job details
Discharge Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Discharge Coordinator
Directs daily operation of record processing to ensure that discharge records are properly received, organized, and forwarded to the appropriate physician for completion. Audits medical records to guarantee compliance with... view job details
Volunteer Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Volunteer Coordinator
Oversees the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and scheduling of volunteer workers. Ensures that the activities of the volunteer workers meet the needs of the organization. May require a bachelor's degree in area of... view job details
Intake Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Intake Coordinator
Conducts initial assessments of patients to determine mental health needs and establish care requirements. May assign patients to mental health practitioners based on intake assessments. Requires a master's degree in a related... view job details
Security Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Security Coordinator
Coordinates, develops, and evaluates security programs for an organization. Ensures programs are effective and identifies the need for additional resources. Requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a supervisor or... view job details
EAP Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
Assists in the maintenance of a company's Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Acts as primary contact for off-site treatment centers. Recommends changes to programs to meet employee care goals. May provide counseling to... view job details