National Averages
Managed Care Coordinator
Core Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $62,331 70.8%
Bonuses $0 0.0%
Value of Benefits
Social Security $4,768 5.4%
401K/403B $2,244 2.5%
Disability $561 0.6%
Healthcare $6,592 7.5%
Pension $3,927 4.5%
Time Off $7,671 8.7%
Total Compensation $88,094 100%
Core Compensation is based on averages for this job and does not reflect personal factors used to determine your projected salary range.
Value of Benefits indicates the employer's expected contribution and paid time off.
$ Use the Benefits Calculator to compare your benefits with the industry average.
Managed Care Finance Director
Directs and oversees all policies and procedures for finance and accounting functions for managed care contracts. Responsible for implementing all accounting principals and ensuring that proper financial systems are in place.... view job details
Alternate job titles: Director of Managed Care Finance
Managed Care Marketing Manager
Develops and implements marketing plans for a managed care organization. Promotes the organization's services to potential members and business partners. Identifies new sources of business and may negotiate contracts. Requires a... view job details
Alternate job titles: Managed Care Marketing Manager
Managed Care Provider Relations Manager
Develops, manages, and sustaines relationship with managed care service providers. Keeps open communication with providers on user requirements. Reviews billings and claims payments according to managed care contracts. Requires... view job details
Alternate job titles: Managed Care Provider Relations Manager
Managed Care Supervisor
Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in the managed care department of a healthcare facility. Oversees staff that handle authorizations, billing, and claims payment. Requires a bachelor's degree, certification as a... view job details
Alternate job titles: Supervisor of Managed Care
Top Managed Care Executive
Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's managed care function. Responsible for directing and implementing managed care systems for healthcare facilities. Requires a bachelor's degree with at least 15 years of... view job details
Alternate job titles: Chief Managed Care Officer , Vice President of Managed Care , VP of Managed Care
Academic Support Coordinator
Develops programs to evaluate students' capabilities in various subjects. Coordinates tutoring for any students needing remedial instruction or English as a Second Language assistance. Helps students select courses with the... view job details
Alternate job titles: Academic Coordinator , College , University
Account Executive - Home Care
Researches and develops a specific territory in order to market and sell home care services to individuals. Assists in creating marketing programs to attract and retain target customers. May require a bachelor's degree in area... view job details
Alternate job titles: Account Executive - Homecare
Admissions Coordinator - Nursing Home
Reviews admitting department operations in a nursing home environment. Ensures compliance with applicable standards. Oversees the in-patient/out-patient functions, bed assignments, and completion of preliminary paperwork for... view job details
Alternate job titles: Admitting Coordinator- Nursing Home
Adult Day Care Director
Identifies health, education, and psychosocial needs of older individuals in the community and develops programs and activities for those that do not live in a long-term care or retirement facility. Requires a bachelor's degree... view job details
Alternate job titles: Director of Adult Day Care (Elder Care, Hospital O
Advertising Coordinator
Organizes advertising for print media. Coordinates scheduling and promotions to ensure client satisfaction and project completion. Maintains client relationships. May require a bachelor's degree in the field or in a related area and... view job details
Alternate job titles: Advertising Coordinator
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