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Dentist Compare
Alternate job titles: Dentist
Examines and treats diseases and injuries of teeth and gums. Performs preventative and maintenance dentistry and educates the patient in proper tooth and gum care. Recommends braces or surgery to correct any malformations.... view job details
Dental Assistant Compare
Alternate job titles: Dentist Assistant
Assists with oral surgery and other procedures under the direct supervision of a dentist. Prepares and arranges needed tools and instruments for scheduled procedures. Hands necessary tools and equipment to the dentist and... view job details
Dental Hygienist Compare
Alternate job titles: Dental Hygienist
Under the direct supervision of a dentist, cleans calcareous deposits, accretions, and stains from teeth and beneath margins of gums, using dental instruments. Feels lymph nodes under patient's chin to detect swelling or... view job details
Orthodontist Compare
Alternate job titles: Orthodontist
Prevents and corrects malformations of teeth and related oral structures. Must be a graduate of an accredited dental program and is licensed to practice dentistry. May require 2-4 years of experience. Familiar with standard... view job details
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