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Starting to think about saving for University of California Davis tuition? Tuition costs at University of California Davis , as with the price of college elsewhere, are likely to increase every year. The Salary.com College Tuition Planner calculates the estimated future cost of University of California Davis tuition to give you a goal to start saving for. When you find out University of California Davis 's cost of tuition you can determine if your current savings plan is adequate, or whether you need to start saving more for college, and maybe start thinking of financial aid, Stafford loans, 529 plans, Coverdell ESA and other tuition financing options. The results on this page are for a typical student that will be attending University of California Davis . If you would like to customize any of the assumptions made to your personal situation, you can do so by clicking the "customize these selections" links below.
Example saving scenario:  
  Student Info:  
Born in 2005, Attending School in 2023, Lives out of State from University of California Davis .  
(Customize these selections)  
  Savings Info:  
$500 currently saved (in any combination of 529 plans, Coverdell ESA accounts or other college savings plans), 10% expected rate of return, no tuition assistance.  
(Customize these selections)  
Based on this example, the total projected University of California Davis tuition payments are $34,877 over time, assuming a 5% annual increase. In comparison, if your University of California Davis tuition payments began now, you would be paying a total of $16,348.  
In this example one should save $1,179 annually until the student enrolls at University of California Davis in 2027.  
Tip: Most students receive some form of financial aid, in the from of, Stafford loans, state 529 plans, scholarships, grants and other types of loans. To see how the rate of savings could be reduced with various levels of aid. Enter a percentage:  

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