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Travel Supervisor Compare
Alternate job titles: Travel Supervisor
Supervises a staff of travel clerks who are responsible for coordinating travel needs. Provides guidance and assistance on complex and/or large travel requests. Evaluates travel vendors and provides performance results or ratings... view job details
Laboratory Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Lab Supervisor I
Organizes and directs the daily activities of the laboratory. Responsible for supervising laboratory personnel, conducting and overseeing quality assurance and quality control, and collecting, analyzing, and interpreting lab... view job details
Travel Coordinator Compare
Alternate job titles: Travel Counselor
Coordinates travel needs for company employees. Schedules hotel, flight, and car rentals and prepares itineraries. Assists with visa processing and other travel related documentation. Ensures that travel needs are met within the... view job details
Travel Clerk Compare
Alternate job titles: Travel Clerk
Assists the travel coordinator with routine travel arrangements. Duties may include checking hotel and flight availability, confirming reservations, or making itinerary changes as necessary. Communicates travel plans to employees and... view job details
Travel Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Manager of Travel
Directs the operation of the company's travel services. Administers and monitors the travel policies, guidelines, and budget to deliver efficient travel arrangements. Prepares periodic budget and utilization reports. Provides... view job details
Claims Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Claims Supervisor I
Supervises activities in the claims department. Oversees the investigation of insurance claims for personal, property, or casualty loss based on coverage, appraisal, and verifiable damage. Interacts with claimants and oversees the... view job details
Clerical Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Clerical Supervisor
Coordinates all clerical functions for various departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness of assigned operations. Oversees numerous office functions, including but not limited to clerical work, word processing, data... view job details
Mailroom Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Mailroom Supervisor
Supervises mailroom activities, including the sorting and delivery of incoming mail, as well as the preparation and sending of outgoing mail. Monitors inventory, checks and reorders items as needed. Responsible for supervising the... view job details
Traffic Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Traffic Supervisor | Level I Transportation Supervisor | Transportation Supervisor I
Supervises employees responsible for delivering goods to and from various locations. Oversees transportation activities including route assignments, route delivery, and account processing. Ensures compliance with DOT regulations and... view job details
Inbound Contact Center Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Inbound Call Center Supervisor I
Supervises contact center representatives who get contacted by customers or potential customers. Responsible for the daily activity of contact center policies and procedures. Ensures quotas for service volume and timeliness are... view job details
Security Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Security Supervisor
Supervises a team of security personnel. Inspects buildings and grounds to ensure protection from intruders, fire hazards, theft, and vandalism. Develops emergency procedures, responds to incidents, and resolves problems or... view job details
Telecommunications Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Telecommunications Supervisor
Oversees a team of telecommunications technicians and analysts who install, troubleshoots, repair, and maintain telecommunications equipment for the organization. Identifies issues and appropriate courses of action. Researches and... view job details
Powerhouse Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Powerhouse Supervisor
Supervises employees responsible for the operations and maintenance of equipment such as generators, boilers, turbines, compressors, or ventilating or refrigerating systems. Monitors equipment and operating conditions to ensure... view job details
Purchasing Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Level I Purchasing Supervisor
Supervises the daily activities of the purchasing function. Reviews purchasing decisions, orders, and vendor contracts. Oversees the ordering of materials and supplies from vendors. A level I supervisor is considered a working... view job details
Consumer Loan Collection Supervisor I Compare
Alternate job titles: Consumer Loan Collection Supervisor I
Supervises a group of consumer loan collectors and assists in developing strategies to minimize collection portfolio loss. Assists in designing and administering collection processes, policies, and procedures, also supervises use of... view job details