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Non-Profit and Social Services jobs in all industries
Account Executive - Home Care Compare
Alternate job titles: Account Executive - Homecare
Researches and develops a specific territory in order to market and sell home care services to individuals. Assists in creating marketing programs to attract and retain target customers. May require a bachelor's degree in area... view job details
Activity Aide - Nursing Home Compare
Alternate job titles: Nursing Home Activities Aide | Activities Aide - Nursing Home
Assists with the planning and implementation of activities for nursing home residents. Helps design programs to encourage socialization, provide entertainment, relaxation and fulfillment, and improve daily living skills. May require a... view job details
Admitting Director Compare
Alternate job titles: Admissions Director | Director of Admissions
Directs inpatient/outpatient admission policies and practices. Reviews admitting department operations to ensure compliance with applicable standards. Works with medical, nursing and accounting staff to ensure appropriate patient... view job details
Admitting Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Admissions Manager | Manager of Admissions
Manages the day-to-day operations for the admitting department including bed assignments and completion of preliminary paperwork. Implements admissions policies and practices and coordinates with medical, nursing, and accounting... view job details
Admitting/Discharge Clerk Compare
Alternate job titles: Admitting and Discharge Clerk | Admitting & Discharge Clerk | Admissions/Discharge Clerk
Performs a variety of clerical tasks related to patient admission and discharge processes. Fills out admissions and discharge paperwork, ensuring proper documentation of patient activities. Requires a high school diploma or its... view job details
Aides Supervisor - Home Care Compare
Alternate job titles: Aides Supervisor - Homecare | Homecare Aides Supervisor | Home Care Aides Supervisor
Supervises a staff of Home Care Aides who provide and support patients with personal care. Schedules home health aides for patient visitation and work assignments. Monitors the quality of care performed by the home health aide... view job details
Annual Gift Director - Healthcare Compare
Alternate job titles: Healthcare Annual Gift Director | Hospital Annual Gift Director
Plans and implements the healthcare organization's campaign for monetary aid in annual gifts from corporations, outside agencies, and other donors. Assigns specific campaign programs to Annual Gift Coordinators. Responsible for... view job details
Assistant Retail Store Manager - Museum Compare
Alternate job titles: Retail Store Manager Assistant - Museum
Assists the store manager with the day-to-day operations of a retail store within a museum. Implements strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, and increase profitability. Ensures customer needs are met,... view job details
Assistant School Principal Compare
Alternate job titles: Assistant Principal
Assists the school principal in the management of education and teaching programs for an assigned school. May help in developing the curriculum, staffing the department, reviewing faculty performance, and creating an atmosphere... view job details
Assoc. Professor - Rehabilitation Compare
Alternate job titles: Associate Professor - Rehabilitation | College Associate Professor - Rehabilitation | University Associate Professor - Rehabilitation
Conducts college-level courses in the field of rehabilitation and therapy. Areas of instruction include recreational, artistic, and occupational therapy. Responsible for preparing and delivering lectures and leading classroom... view job details
Assoc. Professor - Social Work Compare
Alternate job titles: Associate Professor - Social Work | College Associate Professor - Social Work | University Associate Professor - Social Work
Conducts college-level courses in the field of social work. Areas of instruction include social administration, social policies, human behavior, and human welfare. Responsible for preparing and delivering lectures and leading... view job details
Assoc. Professor - Sociology Compare
Alternate job titles: Associate Professor - Sociology | College Associate Professor - Sociology | University Associate Professor - Sociology
Conducts college-level courses in the field of sociology. Areas of instruction include culture, social systems and their interactions, social changes and the factors that influence them. Responsible for preparing and delivering... view job details
Assoc. Professor - Special Education Compare
Alternate job titles: Associate Professor - Special Education | College Associate Professor - Special Education | University Associate Professor - Special Education
Conducts college-level courses in the field of special education. Areas of instruction include the methodology, practices, and theory behind teaching people with learning or physical disabilities. Responsible for preparing and... view job details
Associate Bursar Compare
Alternate job titles: College Associate Bursar | University Associate Bursar
Assists in overseeing the overall operations of student financial services, billing and receivables, and cashiering functions of the university/college. Ensures compliance with university, state, and federal regulations and standard... view job details
Associate Food Services Director - Higher Ed. Compare
Alternate job titles: University Food Services Associate Director | College Food Services Associate Director | Associate Director of Food Services - Higher Ed. | Food Services Associate Director - Higher Ed.
Assists the Food Services Director in overseeing all aspects of food service, menu planning, and dining hall management for the university/college. Implements and maintains food service policies in dining halls. Helps manage work... view job details
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