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Actor/Performer Compare
Alternate job titles: Actor/Actress | Performer
Portrays a role in a production to interpret character or present characterization to audience. Applies fundamental theatrical concepts and techniques. No formal experience or training necessary. view job details
Amusement Entertainer Compare
Alternate job titles: Amusement Entertainer
Performs for audience at amusement park. Engages spectators by performing various acts. No formal experience or training necessary. view job details
Artist Compare
Alternate job titles: Artist
Provides artistic support for company advertising and/or organization promotional efforts. Develops, sketches, and/or prints creative ideas for a variety of mediums. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Years of... view job details
Broadcast Technician Compare
Alternate job titles: Broadcast Technician
Operates equipment used in broadcasts. Provides maintenance of equipment when necessary. May require an associate's degree or its equivalent, as well as 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with... view job details
Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairer Compare
Alternate job titles: Camera & Photographic Equipment Repairer
Checks, disassembles, repairs, and adjusts cameras and photographic equipment. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent and 0-2 years of experience. Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures... view job details
Camera Operator Compare
Alternate job titles: Camera Operator
Operates cameras, broadcasting or video recording cameras, and equipment to photograph various subjects and subject material. May be expected to maintain a variety of program/transmitter logs. Requires a high school diploma or... view job details
Camera Operator, Television and Motion Picture Compare
Alternate job titles: Camera Operator, Television & Motion Picture
Operates videotape machines, disk-based file servers, camera control units, studio cameras, video switchers, audio mixers and other equipment used in the broadcast of live and taped television programming. May be expected to... view job details
Cartoonist / Animator Compare
Alternate job titles: Cartoonists and Animators | Cartoonists & Animators
Provides drawings or animations used in advertising, illustrating ideas and promotional efforts to amuse audiences or to meet other needs. Uses various methods to communicate the organization's efforts through an assortment of... view job details
Choreographer Compare
Alternate job titles: Director, dance
Creates, teaches and/or directs dances for ballet, musical, or revue, to be performed in a variety production mediums. Applies a wide range techniques to dance. May require at least 5 years of professional experience. No formal... view job details
Conservation Technician Compare
Alternate job titles: Conservation Technician
Maintains the authenticity and overall appearance of art objects. Conducts analysis to determine appropriate method for cleaning and repairing objects. May require an associate's degree or its equivalent and 2-4 years of... view job details
Creative Manager Compare
Alternate job titles: Manager of Creative Services | Creative Services Manager
Leads and directs the design and production of visual and audio materials and media used for advertising, broadcast, and web communications. Oversees creation of art, photo, video, and layout design. Establishes and implements... view job details
Development Associate - Museum Compare
Alternate job titles: Museum Development Associate
Coordinates fundraising, membership campaigns, annual fund, and sponsorship initiatives and events. Conducts grant research and writes proposals. Administers correspondence with individual donors, maintains donor databases, and... view job details
Director - Stage, Motion Pictures, Television Compare
Alternate job titles: Directors- Stage, Motion Pictures, Television
Interprets plays and scripts for production. Auditions and identifies performers for roles in specific productions and conducts rehearsals. May require an associate's degree or its equivalent and 2-4 years of experience in the... view job details
Education Specialist - Museum Compare
Alternate job titles: Museum Education Specialist
Conducts research activities concerned with educational programs and services in a museum. Creates and distributes educational materials and publications for museum visitors and may be responsible for conducting staff training... view job details
Exhibit Designer - Museum Compare
Alternate job titles: Museum Exhibit Designer | Exhibition Designer - Museum
Designs and constructs museum collections, exhibits, and special projects. Researches ideas and materials for an exhibit, recommends solutions for design problems, and utilizes design techniques to produce desired visual effect and... view job details