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Our job description videos are a great way to preview a new career option or to determine it the job title
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Financial Analyst

How does General Motors know if they can afford to hire Batman for a TV commercial? Easy -- they ask Earl Harris. Watch Video

Categories: Financial Services

Financial Analyst - Treasury Office

Say General Motors to most people and they think "Detroit." But Ali Kiboro thinks "New York": that's where the money people at GM are anticipating the... Watch Video

Categories: Accounting

Financial Services Sales VP

Joe Scharfenberger's official title is even longer than his last name. To put it simply: He likes helping small businesses. Watch Video

Categories: Financial Services

Food Scientist

Anna Hoo definitely thinks outside the bun! As one of the brains behind the bite at Taco Bell, her job is inventing your cravings, from Chalupa to... Watch Video

Categories: Food, Beverage, and Tobacco

GIS Analyst-Forester

Meet aptly- named Fern. She lives in Steamboat Springs, uses high-tech geography while saving the forests...on snowshoes! Enough said. It's one very... Watch Video

Categories: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

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