Averages for Atlanta, GA
Foundation Director
Core Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $132,137 71.0%
Bonuses $6,173 3.3%
Value of Benefits
Social Security $9,352 5.0%
401K/403B $4,979 2.7%
Disability $1,245 0.7%
Healthcare $6,592 3.5%
Pension $8,714 4.7%
Time Off $17,023 9.1%
Total Compensation $186,215 100%
Core Compensation is based on averages for this job and does not reflect personal factors used to determine your projected salary range.
Value of Benefits indicates the employer's expected contribution and paid time off.
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Top Foundation Executive
Serves as the top executive of a foundation established by a parent organization. Oversees the implementation of policies designed to maximize foundation funding. Establishes goals and approves strategies for all fundraising... view job details
Alternate job titles: Foundation President , Chief Foundation Officer , VP, Foundation , Chief Foundation Executive
Academic Advising Director
Responsible for the academic advising department, its processes and advisors. Assists Dean or Associate Dean to prepare and implement department wide goals, procedures and controls. Works closely with academic advisors to... view job details
Alternate job titles: - Higher Ed. , Director of Academic Advising - Higher Ed.
Account Management Director
Defines business strategies by applying knowledge based on customer market. Responsible for retention and growth of the existing client base through individual efforts and efforts of the account management team to deliver... view job details
Alternate job titles: Account Management Director
Accounting Director
Responsibilities include directing and overseeing all or one of the following accounting functions: general accounting, payroll, and cost accounting. Requires a bachelor's degree in area of specialty with at least 10 years of... view job details
Alternate job titles: Director of Accounting
Activity Director - Nursing Home
Responsible for the planning and implementation of activities for nursing home residents. Designs programs to encourage socialization, provide entertainment, relaxation, and fulfillment, and improve daily living skills. Requires a... view job details
Alternate job titles: Nursing Home Activities Director , Activities Director - Nursing Home
Actuarial Services Director
Directs the daily activities of an organization's actuarial function. Develops mathematical analyses and financial principles to amend insurance problems. Calculates premiums, designs insurance plans, creates probability charts and... view job details
Alternate job titles: Director, Actuarial Services
Administrative Services Director
Directs and oversees the administrative services department to provide various office support activities. Identifies and follows efficient work procedures that maximize the efficiency of the business. Requires an associate's... view job details
Alternate job titles: Administration Director
Admitting Director
Directs inpatient/outpatient admission policies and practices. Reviews admitting department operations to ensure compliance with applicable standards. Works with medical, nursing and accounting staff to ensure appropriate patient... view job details
Alternate job titles: Admissions Director , Director of Admissions
Adult Day Care Director
Identifies health, education, and psychosocial needs of older individuals in the community and develops programs and activities for those that do not live in a long-term care or retirement facility. Requires a bachelor's degree... view job details
Alternate job titles: Director of Adult Day Care (Elder Care, Hospital O
Advertising Sales Director
Plans and directs the organization's advertising strategy from a business, sales, and technical perspective. Develops budget and projections for advertising. Oversees discussions and sales with sponsors and agencies and negotiates... view job details
Alternate job titles: Director of Ad Sales , Director of Advertising Sales
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