Chief Executive OfficerBILLINGS, MT
Core Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $727,252 61.2%
Bonuses $273,931 23.0%
Value of Benefits
Social Security $22,404 1.9%
401K/403B $9,540 0.8%
Disability $9,011 0.8%
Healthcare $6,592 0.6%
Pension $16,695 1.4%
Time Off $123,222 10.4%
Total Compensation $1,188,646 100%
Core Compensation is based on averages for this job and does not reflect personal factors used to determine your projected salary range.
Value of Benefits indicates the employer's expected contribution and paid time off.
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Chief Executive Officer - Physician Practice
Plans and directs the policies, objectives, and initiatives of one or more physician office sites. Responsible for the short- and long-term profitability and growth of the company. Approves work procedures and standards for the... view job details
Alternate job titles: CEO - Physician Practice , Chief Physician Practice Executive
Secretary to Chief Executive Officer
Provides administrative support in a variety of functions to the Chief Executive Officer that are focused on increasing the efficiency of the executive. Reviews, prioritizes, directs and delegates a wide variety of complex and... view job details
Alternate job titles: Chief Executive Officer Secretary , Secretary to CEO , CEO Secretary , Administrative Assistant to Chief Executive Office , Administrative Assistant to CEO
Chief Operating Officer
Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's operational policies, objectives, initiatives. Develops strategies to attain short- and long-term financial and operational goals. Directs the development of the organization to ensure... view job details
Alternate job titles: COO
Top Administrative Executive
Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's staff and service functions. Ensures the operations of the company are within a secure, efficient and organized work environment. Oversees administrative staff, finances,... view job details
Alternate job titles: Chief Administrative Executive , Chief Administrative Officer , Vice President of Administration , VP, Administration
Associate Chief Academic Officer
Oversees one or several areas within academic affairs programs. Provides academic vision and leadership. Requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a Chief Academic Officer. Manages a departmental sub-function within a... view job details
Alternate job titles: College , University
Chief Academic Officer
Directs and oversees the academic program of a university/college. Leads policy development in student learning, academic programs, teaching, research, and related student success areas. Requires a master's degree. Typically... view job details
Alternate job titles: Provost , College , University
Chief Academic Officer - Healthcare
Oversees the residency program within the healthcare organization affiliated with a university. Evaluates and coordinates the academic performance of the residents in the program to ensure they are in line with the strategic goals... view job details
Alternate job titles: CAO , Top Academic Executive , Top Academic Executive - Healthcare , Top Academic Executive - Provider , Chief Academic Officer - Provider , Chief Academic Officer
Chief Admissions Officer
Manages overall college admission program. Develops and executes strategic recruitment and communication plan to ensure college's enrollment goals. May take part in graduate school admissions and the scholarship administrations. May... view job details
Alternate job titles: Head Admissions Officer , College Admissions Officer , University Admissions Officer
Chief Association Executive
Plans and directs all policies, objectives, and initiatives for an association, foundation, coalition, or other similar organization. Works with the Board of Directors to ensure all activities support the focus of the organization,... view job details
Alternate job titles: Association Executive , Head of the Association , Top Association Executive , Top Association Officer , VP, Association
Chief CAT Scan Technologist
Oversees computer-assisted tomography and the maintenance of department supplies, equipment, and facilities to ensure the quality of services. Introduces and teaches new techniques to staff. Maintains environmental, infection... view job details
Alternate job titles: Chief CAT Scan Technologist
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