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Pennsylvania Cost of Living - Pittsburgh
Compare average wages and the cost of living index for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with cities in Pennsylvania or other states. Select one of the cost comparison and wage adjustment tools below.
Cost of Living Comparison for Relocation
Moving / Relocation Calculator
Compare the cost of living and salaries for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when relocating to or from another city.
Temporary Relocation Guide
Consider a cost of living allowance for business travel or other temporary relocation to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Cost of Living Increases and Wage Adjustment
Employers: Plan Salary Increases for 2009
Tips for employers in metropolitan Pittsburgh, PA, that are considering an annual cost of living adjustment in wages.
Employees: Ask for a Salary Increase in 2009
Tips for Pittsburgh area employees who are considering asking for a cost of living raise.
Moving / Relocation Calculator
The Cost of Living Wizard shows the effect of a relocation to or from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on disposable income. Enter your information and click "Calculate".
Current base salary
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  Current Location
  New Location
Temporary Relocation Guide
Employers may compensate for the employee's costs of a temporary relocation by offering a per diem cost of living adjustment. Per diems (Latin for "per day") are typically paid to cover the cost of travel, lodging, and meals. There are a number of sources for typical or permissible per diem payments:
The US Internal Revenue Service Publication 1542, Guide to Per Diem Costs (requires Adobe Acrobat)
The US Internal Revenue Service Publication 521, Guide to Relocation Expenses (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Employers: Plan Salary Increases for 2009
An increase in the cost of living (a form of inflation) is just one factor that should influence annual salary adjustments. Equally important are labor supply, competitor hiring and staff productivity factors. Learn more in the articles below, or choose a job category to prepare a thorough Job Valuation Report, which shows not only the expected raises and current base pay for a given job, but also total cash compensation and typical benefits levels.
Inflation Calculator from bls.gov gives a national annual inflation rate.
Select a Job Category
Employees: Ask for a Salary Increase in 2009
Learn what employers like yours pay people like you--as well as expected annual raises for a given job with the Personal Salary Report. Annual raises are as much about personal performance, and changes in the labor market, as they are about changes in the cost of living. Begin by selecting a job category for the job you are trying to price.
How do I negotiate for a cost-of-living adjustment?
Can my employer pay me less in a region with a higher cost of living?
Was my raise too small compared to the cost of living?
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